Sunday Volunteers

Sunday Volunteers at CLC

Do you want to get involved, give of your time and talents, learn more about our congregation or become better acquainted with other members?  Consider serving as a Sunday volunteer!


Sunday Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities have changed a bit. New opportunities have emerged with some former opportunities returning in a different form. Assistance and training are available as needed. Follow the links below to sign up for what you can help with on Sundays.

Assistant Minister – (Zoom or In person) Assist presiding pastor with the liturgy, and the prayers. Contact Team Leader, Kanza, to sign up.

Readers – (Zoom or in person) Read the first or second lesson of the day and sometimes lead the congregation in reciting the Psalm.  Contact Team Leader Joyce, to sign up.

Ushers – (in person) Greet folks outside the sanctuary, show them where to pick up a bulletin, put the communion rail in place for communion, and guide the congregation during communion. Contact the church office to sign up.

Counters – Two volunteers count the offering, prepare reports for the Treasurer and Financial Secretary, and deliver the deposit to the bank. Contact Team Leader, Jane, to sign up.

Sign Changer – Change the message on the sign. Messages are provided and you may use a suction cup wand from the ground or use a ladder. This opportunity is available every 2 weeks or so as needed. Contact the church office to sign up.

A/V Tech

You can sign up for any of our A/V Tech positions here:

Descriptions are below:

Waiting Room – (Zoom or in person) Sign in on Zoom 10-15 minutes early. You will be made a co-host of the meeting which allows you to let everyone in for Worship. Sometimes people are late or have internet issues so you may let them back in as needed throughout the service. 

Camera – (in person) Use a remote to change preprogramed camera angles.

Projection – (in person) Change views on a laptop to project the service on the wall for everyone in the sanctuary. 

Sound(in person) Turn on/off and monitor microphones throughout the service. 

Zoom – (in person) Run Zoom and PowerPoint from a computer in the sanctuary.


This Month’s Volunteer Schedule

Here is the list of Sunday Volunteers. You can search either with your name, the date or the job you volunteered for. If you are unable to serve on that day, please switch with someone or find a replacement and notify the office. This will be updated as changes come in. You can sign up for an open spot by calling or emailing the church office. Thank you for volunteering, we can’t do it without you!


aUGUST 2022
7-AugAccompanist8:00 AMKatrina Florence
7-AugAssistant Minister8:00 AMMike Swenson
7-AugReaders8:00 AMClaudia Pierson & Sandy Buhite
7-AugUsher8:00 AM
7-AugWaiting Room8:00 AM
7-AugCamera8:00 AM
7-AugProjection8:00 AMKanza Easterly-Keill
7-AugSound8:00 AMLou Florence
7-AugZoom8:00 AMKaren Johnson
Outdoor Service
7-AugAccompanist9:30 AMJeff Merkel
7-AugAssistant Minister9:30 AMTom Benjamin
7-AugReaders9:30 AMLou Florence & Stefanie Kramer
7-AugSound9:30 AMAndrew Johnson
7-AugUsher9:30 AM
14-AugAccompanist8:00 AMRod Combellick
14-AugAssistant Minister8:00 AMChris Zimmerman
14-AugReaders8:00 AMFrank & Judy Williams
14-AugUsher8:00 AM
14-AugWaiting Room8:00 AM
14-AugCamera8:00 AM
14-AugProjection8:00 AMKanza Easterly-Keill
14-AugSound8:00 AMBrigitta Lease
14-AugZoom8:00 AMAlyssa Keill
Outdoor Service
14-AugAccompanist9:30 AMJoyce Volz
14-AugAssistant Minister9:30 AMStefanie Kramer
14-AugReaders9:30 AMKaren Milne &
14-AugSound9:30 AM
14-AugUsher9:30 AM
21-AugAccompanist8:00 AMJoyce Volz
21-AugAssistant Minister8:00 AMEd Husted
21-AugReaders8:00 AMJim & Mary Johnsen
21-AugUsher8:00 AM
21-AugWaiting Room8:00 AM
21-AugCamera8:00 AM
21-AugProjection8:00 AM
21-AugSound8:00 AM
21-AugZoom8:00 AM
Outdoor Service
21-AugAccompanist9:30 AMJoyce Volz
21-AugAssistant Minister9:30 AMKaren Milne
21-AugReaders9:30 AM
21-AugSound9:30 AM
21-AugUsher9:30 AM
28-AugAccompanist8:00 AMEd Husted
28-AugAssistant Minister8:00 AMGalen Johnson
28-AugReaders8:00 AMDenise Bates & Chris Zimmerman
28-AugUsher8:00 AM
28-AugWaiting Room8:00 AM
28-AugCamera8:00 AM
28-AugProjection8:00 AMKaren Johnson
28-AugSound8:00 AMKanza Easterly-Keill
28-AugZoom8:00 AMAlyssa Keill
Outdoor Service
28-AugAccompanist9:30 AMHeidi Kristenson
28-AugAssistant Minister9:30 AMJoyce Potter
28-AugReaders9:30 AM
28-AugSound9:30 AMBrigitta Lease &
28-AugUsher9:30 AM




Volunteer Team Leaders

Team Leaders are the people who coordinate the schedule for each quarter. If you would like to be a Team Leader please contact the church office.

A big thank you to our Team Leaders: