Sunday Volunteers

Sunday Volunteers at CLC

Do you want to get involved, give of your time and talents, learn more about our congregation or become better acquainted with other members?  Consider serving as a Sunday volunteer!




Sunday Volunteer Opportunities

Listed below are the opportunities for service that occur each Sunday.  Assistance and training are available as needed.

Greeter – Arrive early to stand at the door to greet, answer questions and help visitors connect with members.

Usher –Arrive early to hand out bulletins and announcements, assist with seating, count and record the number of people in attendance, collect and present the offering.  At the end of the service, collect any unwanted bulletins or announcements and straighten up the seating area as needed.

Acolyte – Arrive early and check in with Pastor. Use a candle lighter to lead the processional, light the altar candles and the Christ Candle.  At the end of the service, snuff the altar candles and the Christ candle and carry the light out the sanctuary doors.

Sound System Operator – Turn on and monitor microphones throughout the service.  Record the service so it can be shared with those who are unable to attend.

Powerpoint Clicker – Click through the powerpoint slides following the order of the service from beginning to end.

Assistant Minister – Assist presiding pastor with the liturgy, the prayers, and with the distribution of communion.

Readers – Using the Bible on the pulpit, read the first or second lesson of the day and sometimes lead the congregation in reciting the Psalm.

Communion Assistant – Come to the altar to receive communion with the presiding pastor and assistant minister; help with serving bread, wine or grape juice as needed.

Coffee Host – Make coffee and juice, bring and prepare snacks to be ready to serve following worship.  Clean up afterward and load the dishwasher.

Counters – Two volunteers count the offering, prepare reports for the Treasurer and Financial Secretary, and deliver the deposit to the bank.

Sign Changer – Change the message on the sign. Messages are provided and you may use a suction cup wand from the ground or use a ladder. This opportunity is available every 2 weeks or so as needed.



This Quarter’s Volunteer Schedule

Here is the list of Sunday Volunteers for August-October 2019. You can search either with your name, the date or the job you volunteered for. If you are unable to serve on that day, please switch with someone or find a replacement and notify the office. This will be updated as changes come in. You can sign up for an open spot at church. Sign up sheets are on the bulletin board in the fellowship hall, or by contacting the church office. Thank you for volunteering, we can’t do it without you!


November 2019 – January 2020
NovemberAltar CaremonthJane Zimmerman & Judy Williams
3-NovAccompanistdayEd Husted
3-NovSign Changerduring weekMike Swenson
3-NovFlowersdayKathy Seim
3-NovSnow Shovelingweek
3-NovAssistant Minister8:00amGalen Johnson
3-NovReaders8:00amJeff Merkel & Matteo Kuizenga
3-NovCommunion Assistant8:00amKanza Easterly-Keill
3-NovGreeter8:00amKaren Johnson
3-NovUsher8:00amJim Deininger
3-NovPPT Slide Clicker8:00amKanza Easterly-Keill
3-NovSound System8:00amBrigitta Lease
3-NovCoffee 1/4 Hour8:00amHusteds
3-NovAssistant Minister10:30amMike Swenson
3-NovReaders10:30amAngie Hage
3-NovCommunion Assistant10:30amClaudia Pierson
3-NovGreeter10:30amAngie Hage
3-NovUsher10:30amNorm Phillips
3-NovPPT Slide Clicker10:30amLeslie Swenson
3-NovSound System10:30amAaron Palmer
3-NovCoffee Fellowship10:30amKathy Chagluak
3-NovChildren's Church10:30amClaudia Pierson & Robin Benjamin
3-NovCounters10:30amTom Benjamin & Angie Hage
10-NovAccompanistdayBarbara Quaile
10-NovSign Changerduring weekFrank & Judy Williams
10-NovSnow ShovelingweekNicole Johnson
10-NovAssistant Minister8:00amChris Lease
10-NovReaders8:00amKaren Milne & Judy Williams
10-NovCommunion Assistant8:00amSandy Benson
10-NovGreeter8:00amKathy Harrod
10-NovUsher8:00amRon Teel
10-NovPPT Slide Clicker8:00amFrank Williams
10-NovSound System8:00amMike Swenson
10-NovCoffee 1/4 Hour8:00amKanza Easterly-Keill
10-NovAssistant Minister10:30amTom Benjamin
10-NovReaders10:30amDavid Henry & Sophie Henry
10-NovCommunion Assistant10:30amAlisa Butcher
10-NovGreeter10:30amNancy Phillips
10-NovUsher10:30amMark Butcher
10-NovPPT Slide Clicker10:30amAngie Wohlford
10-NovSound System10:30amAaron Palmer
10-NovCoffee Fellowship10:30amAngie Wohlford
10-NovChildren's Church10:30amRobin Benjamin & Kathy Chagluak
10-NovCounters10:30amAlisa Butcher & Mary Johnsen
17-NovAccompanistdayEd Husted
17-NovSign Changerduring weeknot needed
17-NovSnow ShovelingweekJohn Coady
17-NovAssistant Minister8:00amMiranda Reynolds
17-NovReaders8:00amChris Lease & Galen Johnson
17-NovCommunion Assistant8:00amStefanie Kramer
17-NovGreeter8:00amJeff Merkel
17-NovUsher8:00amKaren Johnson
17-NovPPT Slide Clicker8:00amKanza Easterly-Keill
17-NovSound System8:00amMatteo Kuizenga
17-NovCoffee 1/4 Hour8:00amShirley Jones
17-NovAssistant Minister10:30amKathy Richmond
17-NovReaders10:30amMary Johnsen & Tom Benjamin
17-NovCommunion Assistant10:30amNicole Johnson
17-NovAcolyte10:30amKarly Floyd
17-NovGreeter10:30amKrissy Floyd
17-NovUsher10:30amNorm Phillips
17-NovPPT Slide Clicker10:30amJaye Palmer
17-NovSound System10:30amMike Swenson
17-NovCoffee Fellowship10:30amNancy Phillips
17-NovChildren's Church10:30amKathy Chagluak & Nicole Johnson
17-NovCounters10:30amCam Wohlford & Sue Barnum
24-NovAccompanistdayBarbara Quaile
24-NovSign Changerduring weeknot needed
24-NovSnow ShovelingweekLonnie Kuhl
24-NovAssistant Minister8:00amKanza Easterly-Keill
24-NovReaders8:00amChris Zimmerman & Mike Swenson
24-NovCommunion Assistant8:00amLucy Smyth
24-NovGreeter8:00amShirley Jones
24-NovUsher8:00amDavid and Jeannie James
24-NovPPT Slide Clicker8:00amKaren Johnson
24-NovSound System8:00amBrigitta Lease
24-NovCoffee 1/4 Hour8:00amKathy Harrod
24-NovAssistant Minister10:30amJoyce Potter
24-NovReaders10:30amCam Wohlford & Kathryn Chagluak
24-NovCommunion Assistant10:30amLeslie Swenson
24-NovAcolyte10:30amSophie Henry
24-NovGreeter10:30amNicole Johnson
24-NovPPT Slide Clicker10:30amSally Endestad
24-NovSound System10:30amDavid Henry
24-NovCoffee Fellowship10:30amPotluck
24-NovChildren's Church10:30amNicole Johnson & Claudia Pierson
24-NovCounters10:30amJane Zimmerman & Heidi Kristenson
DecemberAltar CaremonthKaren Milne & Kanza Easterly-Keill
1-DecAccompanistdayEd Husted
1-DecSign Changerduring week
1-DecSnow ShovelingweekChris Lease
1-DecAssistant Minister8:00amStefanie Kramer
1-DecCantor8:00amStefanie Kramer
1-DecReaders8:00amAmy Pilon & Pam Pilon
1-DecCommunion Assistant8:00amBrigitta Lease
1-DecGreeter8:00amJeannie James
1-DecUsher8:00amKeill Family
1-DecPPT Slide Clicker8:00amKaren Johnson
1-DecSound System8:00amChris Lease
1-DecCoffee 1/4 Hour8:00amKaren Johnson
1-DecAssistant Minister10:30amMike Swenson
1-DecCantor10:30amMike Swenson
1-DecReaders10:30amAngie Hage & Kathy Richmond
1-DecCommunion Assistant10:30amJeanine Griek
1-DecAcolyte10:30amAiden Androes
1-DecGreeter10:30amAngie Hage
1-DecUsher10:30amNorm Phillips
1-DecPPT Slide Clicker10:30amJaye Palmer
1-DecSound System10:30amRod Combellick
1-DecCoffee Fellowship10:30am
1-DecChildren's Church10:30amClaudia Pierson & Robin Benjamin
1-DecCounters10:30amTina Cox-Cole & Tom Benjamin
8-DecAccompanistdayBarbara Quaile
8-DecSign Changerduring weekKaren Toland
8-DecSnow ShovelingweekAngie Wohlford
8-DecAssistant Minister8:00amChris Zimmerman
8-DecCantor8:00amChris Zimmerman
8-DecReaders8:00amBen Pilon & Tim Pilon
8-DecCommunion Assistant8:00amSheila Dufford
8-DecGreeter8:00amKathy Harrod
8-DecUsher8:00amBill Smyth
8-DecPPT Slide Clicker8:00amKanza Easterly-Keill
8-DecSound System8:00amMike Swenson
8-DecCoffee 1/4 Hour8:00amJeannie James
8-DecAssistant Minister10:30amJim Johnsen
8-DecCantor10:30amJim Johnsen
8-DecReaders10:30amJoyce Potter & Josiah Androes
8-DecCommunion Assistant10:30amClaudia Pierson
8-DecAcolyte10:30amAbby Wohlford
8-DecGreeter10:30amJoel Johnson
8-DecUsher10:30amWohlford Family
8-DecPPT Slide Clicker10:30amAngie Wohlford
8-DecSound System10:30amAaron Palmer
8-DecCoffee Fellowship10:30amMary Demientieff & Edie Roach
8-DecChildren's Church10:30amClaudia Pierson & Kathy Chagluak
8-DecCounters10:30amAngie Hage & Jane Zimmerman
15-DecAccompanistdayEd Husted
15-DecSign Changerduring weeknot needed
15-DecSnow ShovelingweekMarin Kuizenga & Jeff Merkel
15-DecAssistant Minister8:00amJeff Merkel
15-DecCantor8:00amJeff Merkel
15-DecReaders8:00amMatteo Kuizenga & Kanza Easterly-Keill
15-DecCommunion Assistant8:00amEdie Roach
15-DecGreeter8:00amJeff Merkel
15-DecUsher8:00amKaren Johnson
15-DecPPT Slide Clicker8:00amErik Weflen
15-DecSound System8:00amMatteo Kuizenga
15-DecCoffee 1/4 Hour8:00amCandace Crews, Doug, Miranda & Jonah Reynolds
15-DecAssistant Minister10:30amTom Benjamin
15-DecCantor10:30amTom Benjamin
15-DecReaders10:30amStefanie Kramer & Chris Zimmerman
15-DecCommunion Assistant10:30amMary Johnsen
15-DecAcolyte10:30amKarly Floyd
15-DecGreeter10:30amKrissy Floyd
15-DecUsher10:30amMark Butcher
15-DecPPT Slide Clicker10:30amMike Swenson
15-DecSound System10:30amDavid Henry
15-DecCoffee Fellowship10:30amClaudia Pierson
15-DecChildren's Church10:30amKathy Chagluak & Nicole Johnson
15-DecCounters10:30amCam Wohlford & Mary Johnsen
22-DecAccompanistdayBarbara Quaile
22-DecSign Changerduring weekSwenson Family
22-DecSnow ShovelingweekDoug Reynolds
22-DecAssistant Minister8:00amEd Husted
22-DecCantor8:00amEd Husted
22-DecReaders8:00amSandy Buhite & Theresa Reed
22-DecCommunion Assistant8:00amKanza Easterly-Keill
22-DecGreeter8:00amMary Teel
22-DecUsher8:00amDavid and Jeannie James
22-DecPPT Slide Clicker8:00amJudy Williams
22-DecSound System8:00amChris Lease
22-DecCoffee 1/4 Hour8:00amJim Deininger
22-DecAssistant Minister10:30amJoyce Potter
22-DecCantor10:30amTheresa Reed
22-DecReaders10:30amAngie Hage & Kathryn Chagluak
22-DecCommunion Assistant10:30amAlisa Butcher
22-DecGreeter10:30amNancy Phillips
22-DecUsher10:30amClaudia Pierson
22-DecPPT Slide Clicker10:30amSally Endestad
22-DecSound System10:30amAaron Palmer
22-DecCoffee Fellowship10:30amJeanine Griek
22-DecChildren's Church10:30amNicole Johnson & Claudia Pierson
22-DecCounters10:30amAlisa Butcher & Sue Barnum
24-DecFlowersdayLease Family
24-DecAssistant Minister5:00pmMiranda Reynolds
24-DecCommunion Assistant5:00pmLucy Smyth
24-DecAcolyte5:00pmJosiah Androes
24-DecPPT Slide Clicker5:00pm
24-DecSound System5:00pmJon Oestreich
24-DecAccompanist7:00pmEd Husted
24-DecAssistant Minister7:00pmGalen Johnson
24-DecReaders7:00pmKaren Johnson & Sandy Buhite
24-DecCommunion Assistants7:00pmNancy Phillips, Chris & Laura Lease
24-DecAcolytes7:00pmAiden Androes
24-DecGreeter7:00pmSandy Buhite
24-DecUshers7:00pmTina, Josiah and Aiden
24-DecPPT Slide Clicker7:00pmFrank Williams
24-DecSound System7:00pmMike Swenson
24-DecAccompanist10:00pmBarbara Quaile
24-DecAssistant Minister10:00pmGalen Johnson
24-DecReaders10:00pmKanza Easterly-Keill & Joyce Potter
24-DecCommunion Assistant10:00pmLeslie Swenson
24-DecGreeter10:00pmKathy Harrod
24-DecUsher10:00pmKeill Family
24-DecPPT Slide Clicker10:00pmKaren Johnson
24-DecSound System10:00pmAaron Palmer
24-DecCounters10:00pmJane Zimmerman
26-DecSign Changerduring weekKaren Toland & David Dausel
29-DecAccompanistdayBarbara Quaile
29-DecSign Changerduring weekCam Wohlford
29-DecFlowersdayRuthe Peterson
29-DecSnow ShovelingweekChris Lease
29-DecAssistant Minister9:30amMike Swenson
29-DecReaders9:30amTom Benjamin & Galen Johnson
29-DecCommunion Assistant9:30amStefanie Kramer
29-DecGreeter9:30amNicole Johnson
29-DecUsher9:30amJim Deininger
29-DecPPT Slide Clicker9:30amAngie Wohlford
29-DecSound System9:30amChris Lease
29-DecCoffee Fellowship9:30amPotluck
29-DecCounters9:30amTom Benjamin & Angie Hage
JanuaryAltar CaremonthJudy Williams, Lucy Smyth & Karen Schauer
5-JanAccompanistdayBarbara Quaile
5-JanSign Changerduring weeknot needed
5-JanSnow Shovelingweek
5-JanAssistant Minister8:00amLaura Lease
5-JanCantor8:00amLaura Lease
5-JanReaders8:00amBen Pilon & Pam Pilon
5-JanCommunion Assistant8:00amSandy Benson
5-JanGreeter8:00amSandy Buhite
5-JanUsher8:00amArvid Weflen
5-JanPPT Slide Clicker8:00amErik Weflen
5-JanSound System8:00amChris Lease
5-JanCoffee 1/4 Hour8:00amRachel Swenson
5-JanAssistant Minister10:30amKathy Richmond
5-JanCantor10:30amKathy Richmond
5-JanReaders10:30amJoyce Potter & Josiah Androes
5-JanCommunion Assistant10:30amNicole Johnson
5-JanAcolyte10:30amAiden Androes
5-JanGreeter10:30amClaudia Pierson
5-JanPPT Slide Clicker10:30amMike Swenson
5-JanSound System10:30amJon Oestreich
5-JanCoffee Fellowship10:30amTina Cox-Cole
5-JanChildren's Church10:30amClaudia Pierson
5-JanCounters10:30amMary Johnsen & Cam Wohlford
12-JanAccompanistdayJoyce Volz
12-JanSign Changerduring weekFrank & Judy Williams
12-JanFlowersdayRuthe Peterson
12-JanSnow ShovelingweekKatrina & Lou Florence
12-JanAssistant Minister8:00amMiranda Reynolds
12-JanCantor8:00amMiranda Reynolds
12-JanReaders8:00amAmy Pilon & Tim Pilon
12-JanCommunion Assistant8:00amKanza Easterly-Keill
12-JanAcolyte8:00amAnnie Florence
12-JanGreeter8:00amJeff Merkel
12-JanUsher8:00amBill Smyth
12-JanPPT Slide Clicker8:00amKaren Johnson
12-JanSound System8:00amMatteo Kuizenga
12-JanCoffee 1/4 Hour8:00amKathy Harrod
12-JanAssistant Minister10:30amJim Johnsen
12-JanCantor10:30amJim Johnsen
12-JanReaders10:30amDavid Henry & Sophie Henry
12-JanCommunion Assistant10:30amCameron Wohlford
12-JanAcolyte10:30amAbby Wohlford
12-JanGreeter10:30amLeslie Swenson
12-JanUsher10:30amMark Butcher
12-JanPPT Slide Clicker10:30amAngie Wohlford
12-JanSound System10:30amAaron Palmer
12-JanCoffee Fellowship10:30amNancy Phillips
12-JanChildren's Church10:30amRobin Benjamin
12-JanCounters10:30amTina Cox-Cole & Heidi Kristenson
19-JanAccompanistdayEd Husted
19-JanSign Changerduring weeknone needed
19-JanSnow ShovelingweekPilon Family
19-JanAssistant Minister8:00amLaura Lease
19-JanCantor8:00amLaura Lease
19-JanReaders8:00amKaren Milne & Kanza Easterly- Keill
19-JanCommunion Assistant8:00amBrigitta Lease
19-JanGreeter8:00amKathy Harrod
19-JanUsher8:00amKaren Johnson
19-JanPPT Slide Clicker8:00amErik Weflen
19-JanSound System8:00amChris Lease
19-JanCoffee 1/4 Hour8:00amKanza Easterly-Keill
19-JanAssistant Minister10:30amJoyce Potter
19-JanCantor10:30amLaura Lease
19-JanReaders10:30amMary Johnsen & Jim Johnsen
19-JanCommunion Assistant10:30amClaudia Pierson
19-JanAcolyte10:30amIsaiah Chagluak
19-JanGreeter10:30amClaudia Pierson
19-JanUsher10:30amKathy Chagluak
19-JanPPT Slide Clicker10:30amJosiah Androes
19-JanSound System10:30amMike Swenson
19-JanCoffee Fellowship10:30amKrissy Floyd
19-JanChildren's Church10:30amRobin Benjamin
19-JanCounters10:30amAlisa Butcher & Rod Combellick
26-JanAccompanistdayRod Combellick
26-JanSign Changerduring weeknone needed
26-JanSnow ShovelingweekMilne
26-JanAssistant Minister8:00amJeff Merkel
26-JanCantor8:00amJeff Merkel
26-JanReaders8:00amChris Lease & Laura Lease
26-JanCommunion Assistant8:00amLucy Smyth
26-JanGreeter8:00amCarol Secor
26-JanUsher8:00amDavid & Jeannie James
26-JanPPT Slide Clicker8:00amJudy Williams
26-JanSound System8:00amBrigitta Lease
26-JanCoffee 1/4 Hour8:00am
26-JanAssistant Minister10:30amChris Zimmerman
26-JanCantor10:30amChris Zimmerman
26-JanReaders10:30amLuke Butcher & Kathryn Chagluak
26-JanCommunion Assistant10:30amNancy Phillips
26-JanGreeter10:30amSue Barnum
26-JanUsher10:30amClaudia Pierson
26-JanPPT Slide Clicker10:30amSally Endestad
26-JanSound System10:30amDavid Henry
26-JanCoffee Fellowship10:30amPotluck
26-JanChildren's Church10:30amClaudia Pierson
26-JanCounters10:30amAngie Hage & Jane Zimmerman




Volunteer Team Leaders

Team Leaders are the people who coordinate the schedule for each quarter. If you would like to be a Team Leader please contact the church office.

A big thank you to our Team Leaders: