Summer Sunday Worship 9:30am

~ We return to 2 Services, 8am & 10:30am, 0n September 8, 2019 ~

About Our Worship

The significance of worship can hardly be overstated. It is at the heart of what we’re about as Christians. And as Lutherans, how we worship is incredibly important. We have a rich heritage of quality liturgical worship. Each and every part of our liturgy is packed with meaning and laden with history. That is why when any element of our worship is modified it needs to be done thoughtfully, with purpose and care.

At Christ Lutheran Church we use a variety of worship styles and settings.  Some are historical, familiar to people with a long tradition in the Church.  Others are contemporary with musical styles and words that speak to many in the cadences and language they hear every day.

Whenever we modify worship, there is a predictable response. Some people are delighted and others are disturbed. This is a testimony to the importance of worship and that is a good thing.

The challenge we face as a community of faith is to graciously manage our differing preferences when it comes to worship. This is particularly important at this point in history when our whole church is experiencing major shifts in worship practices and music styles. Gone are the days when one liturgy is used exclusively for years on end to everyone’s satisfaction.

While we want to preserve our marvelous musical and liturgical heritage, we also want our worship to reflect and be accessible to today’s culture. This is a faithful witness to our tradition as Lutherans for it was Luther himself who insisted that the liturgy be done in the vernacular (rather than Latin) and introduced the folk beer-drinking tunes (A Mighty Fortress is Our God!) into the Mass so that the people could sing the catchy music of their day.

In the spirit of Martin Luther, our vision for worship is to incorporate both traditional and contemporary elements all services. The goal is to build up a repertoire of liturgies and music with which we will all be familiar.

Worship is for all but no one worship style can meet the needs of all in today’s world. We strive to be generous in acknowledging a variety of needs as we worship together.  It’s not a matter of trying to be all things to all people. That will never happen. It is a matter of being a faithful witness to the whole body of Christ, both preserving our heritage and responding to our times. And most of all, it is a matter of our commitment to being a community of grace for Jesus’ sake.