Community at CLC

Christ Lutheran recognizes the many gifts and needs of the people who are part of the community. There are many and varied ways in which participants in the community are able to participate and use the hobbies and interests. For some there are musical abilities that bring joy. For others there is a need to discuss topics of interest of yourself and of the group. Still others looking for a way to connect with people of your own age group to share life together. Whatever it is you are looking for in a community check out the below opportunities and join one that might fit what you are looking for.



CLC Community Opportunities:

    • Choir

    • Circle of Sages

    • Outdoor Shenanigans

    • Potluck Meals

    • Women of CLC

    • Youth




      Choir Director: Theresa Reed

      Music in many forms embodies the worship at Christ Lutheran- strong congregational singing, cantoring, processionals and recessionals, special solos and anthems. The choir is delighted to be able to contribute to the musical spirit of this church.

      The Christ Lutheran Choir comprises 16 to 20 voices from the congregation who rehearse from 7 to 8 pm each Wednesday during the school year and sing at the Sunday services twice per month.   We are greatly aided by having Barbara Quaile, an outstanding musician, pianist and organist as accompanist.  (A great accompanist is way more important to the success of a choir than most people would imagine!)  Theresa Reed has been the director since 2007.

      Accompanist: Barbara Quaile

      We sing a variety of music, leaning a bit toward the classical sound, but including composers of all periods and styles.  We also try to sing pieces that can include the various instrumentalists in the congregation.  Flute, clarinet, guitar, violin plus visiting brass are often heard.

      Choir members are the true activists of the church and this group is no exception; if you want something done, find a choir member.  They participate in so many other CLC programs that it is a wonder they have a free evening. But they are at choir practice and we have a rewarding time together.

      Please consider joining us.  All levels of experience are represented – and, of course, we always need  more tenors! Check the Calendar for the next rehearsal.



      Circle of Sages

      How we came to be:

      Former Pastor Susan Granata proposed an idea with older members of our congregation, Betty and Howard Ziegler, Florence Hage, Pastor John Hallsten and Ed Albright to meet regularly in Christian fellowship, to share our common life experiences, to read and discuss  books, relevant to social, theological and spiritual issues of our time and to share a mid-day meal. According to Pastor Granata, Florence Hage suggested the name Circle of Sages. She also recalled that the original members liked the feeling of being freer to be who they actually are and say what they actually thought without worrying about what others think and to also have the advantage of perspective from years of experience. From this beginning until today, we continue to meet with the same purposes.

      Here’s what happens around the table:

      Presently we read and discuss books, some have inspired special church events at Christ Lutheran. Our usual time for meeting is Thursday at 12:00 for lunch (we bring our own).  Discussions begin at 12:30 and end at 1:30. Consult the Calendar or announcements for any changes in time or location.

      We meet twice a month, except for the summer months.

      This is a period of life that none of us has experienced before.  We explore the issues and challenges.  We welcome you to join our open, honest discussions.

      Things we have done:

      We read and discussed an entire ELCA Social Statement, with positions and commentary.

      In 2018 we sponsored a midnight sun solstice service of thanksgiving and blessings at the Chena River Wayside park.

      We have enjoyed summer picnics at Ed Albright’s home. Bill Smyth once arrived and offered motorcycle rides.

      After reading “A Year of Plenty” we sponsored an “Eat Local” event after Sunday services.  The flour was hand ground from barley by Arvid Weflen and Richard Henderson.  No butter is made in the state of Alaska, so we made our own with cream from a Delta dairy.  There were various categories and prizes for children and adults.

      Sages has also sponsored an “Emergency Preparedness” congregational event after Sunday service.  Borough officials were in attendance and presented various borough plans for emergencies, including our own Kyle Green. Informative and instructive brochures were handed out. Another congregational event was an “End of Life” presentation. Various legal forms were handed out. Questions were answered by church members, lawyers and doctors.

      Presently, we are considering a “small library,” take one and leave one.  Many communities have a special box for such a library.  The details are being worked out.



      Potluck Meals

      Like many Lutheran jokes, we love to share at our Potluck Meals, even Jell-O.

      Each month we have a potluck meal following the last worship service of the morning.  It is a great time to meet your pew neighbors over a good Sunday meal.

      September through May we have a Wednesday night potluck supper in conjunction with Bell Choir, Confirmation Class and Choir.

      All are welcome. Bring something to share and have a meal with us.



      Women of CLC

      This organization is open to all women of Christ Lutheran Church.  The mission of the Women of CLC is to support the Women of the ELCA, the Alaska Synodical Women’s Organization, Christ Lutheran Church, and the community of Fairbanks & the Tanana Valley.  Below are some of our annual events:

      January:  Women of CLC annual meeting which includes food, fellowship, discussion and approval of annual budget and our hilarious white elephant gift exchange of our leftover Christmas gifts.

      Spring:  Women’s Spring Tea featuring a local speaker from one of the non-profit agencies or special project.

      Summer:  Organize the annual church garage sale with the proceeds going to agencies in the community, state or world.

      Fall:  Members attend the Alaska Synodical Women’s Organization (ASWO) retreat or conference.

      Winter:  Organize the sponsorship of a family for Christmas through the Adopt-A-Family program of Love INC.

      In addition to these events, the Women of CLC also support the CLC blanket ministry, CLC outdoor flowers, sponsor a young girl through the Lutheran Global Mission, and sponsor Pearl Creek Elementary School through the Bright Futures program of the Fairbanks North Star School District.



      Youth Group

      Christ Lutheran Youth Group is for grades 7-12. We are currently meeting on the second and fourth Sundays of the month with youth from Fairbanks Lutheran Church and University Community Presbyterian Church (check the calendar for time and place details). These times together are a chance for us to explore life as God’s children, play games and have fun doing other activities such as a bike ride in the summer, a spring retreat or other activity we can drum up in the Alaska outdoors. Every three years we attend the ELCA National Youth Gathering.

      At Christ Lutheran we have youth leaders with adult advisers to help the meetings and events move along. This opens an opportunity for our youth to discover develop their own leadership skills while using them in a safe place. The gift these youth are to CLC is amazing! Come and be a part of this time you won’t regret it.