Links to Online Worship

Join us for Online Worship!

Sundays at 8:00 am & 10:30 am

Please join us for Worship online.  We are using the Zoom platform to make this happen.  You are asked to start it about five minutes before worship starts.  When you get on, keep your microphone and camera muted (bandwidth).  At communion you will be asked to turn on your video if you can, with hope that we can feel like a congregation together.

Sunday April 11, the second Sunday of Easter, we will have our 8am parking lot service and Easter Egg Hunt—Note the of Easter in the Second Sunday of Easter, meaning it is still Easter for April 11 and the following six Sundays.  Church let us rise from the snow and celebrate together this coming weekend in the Parking Lot.  Following service, at about 9:15am, we will have our Easter Egg Hunt for those who would like to come and participate.  Zoom will still be an option for those who desire to remain at home.  Dress warm, bring your communion and bring a chair if you desire to sit.


Download a copy of the service here: 


Communion instructions for the foreseeable future—Bring to worship some sort of bread and some sort of wine/juice to be used.  Set up a home altar to place these elements, in front of your camera.  At the appointed time in our service we will have communion together, turning on our cameras and seeing what each of us has brought to the table. Read more about this in the July Newsletter available here:


CLC Sunday Worship on Zoom

Time: Sundays 8:00 AM  & 10:30 AM Alaska

Use this link for all services.


If you are calling in and not able to join by computer or smartphone, call toll free 1(669)900-6833

Be creative and put it on speakerphone for the whole family but be sure to mute your phone!

Meeting ID: 996 903 5845

If you do not have the password, please call the church 15 to 30 minutes before the service or on a business day.


About Breakout Rooms and Sunday School

Breakout rooms are our answer to Coffee Hour & Sunday School. You will get randomly put into a virtual room with three or four other people. Please join the room you are assigned to and turn on your mic & video (if you can). You are encouraged to visit as long as you want. You may return to the main room and ask for another room to visit in or leave at any time. If Laura notices just one person active in a room, she will offer you another room.

No Adult Forum or Sunday School on Sunday April 11.

Adult Forum meets each Sunday in a breakout room starting at 9:05 am. Just use the worship service link and password or return to the main room and let Laura know you want to go to Adult Forum, and she will put you in the Adult Forum breakout room. If you have been in a breakout room already, go to more… on the Zoom tool bar and select Adult Forum.

Sunday School meets each Sunday in a breakout room starting at 9:30 am. Just use the worship service link and password, then let Laura know you want to go to Sunday School and she will put you in the Sunday School breakout room.