Faith Formation

Faith formation is a lifelong process of growing, experiencing, celebrating and living the Christian faith. It reflects our personal history as well as that which is going on in the world today, sometimes moment by moment. Christ Lutheran Church seeks to stimulate that formation through learning opportunities and  hands-on activities. We want to help people grow in their relationship with God. We want to learn to live as disciples of Jesus Christ at home, in school, at the workplace, and in the community and world. We want to help our members develop an understanding of the Bible and our faith tradition and deepen their spiritual life and practices.


Faith Forming Opportunities at CLC

Worship – Sundays at 9:30am (8:00 & 10:30am beginning September 8, 2019)

Nursery – At CLC, we love having children join us in worship! Even if they may be wiggly or have “extra” things to say! If your child does need just a little extra play space, however, we have a nursery you are welcome to use during worship. It is located in the Sunday School Wing, first room on the left.

Blanket Ministry – Gathers on Thursday mornings from 9am to 12noon to make blankets for babies, lap quilts for seniors, and fidget quilts for those dealing with various forms of dementia. These blankets are donated locally and to villages as they have need.

Children’s Church – 5 yrs – 6th grade (not held during summer months. Children are welcome in worship) – This is a special time for children during the sermon on Sunday mornings when we have two services. Children are welcome to join an adult leader for a special, developmentally appropriate story and activity based on the Bible story of the week.

Sunday School is on summer break. Sunday School will resume September 8, 2019 when you can sign your child up for one of these classes at Rally Sunday.

Godly Play – 3 yrs & up – Located in the last classroom on the right in the Sunday School Wing, led by Candace Crews, Miranda Reynolds and volunteers, this program helps children learn about scripture and Christian life. The Godly Play concept combines storytelling, play and learning with participation in crafts & activities as a response to the story.

Connect – 4-6th Grade (flexible but must be a reader) – Located in the last classroom on the left (open to the hall) in the Sunday School Wing, led by Laura Lease, Stefanie Kramer and volunteers, this class is a Bible-centered class that will spend this year, Year 1, studying the Old Testament. Connect will expand on what children have learned in Godly Play, adding the written Word and giving them a solid understanding of the history of God’s people. It will add context to who Jesus is and why Jesus is so important. Each child will receive their own Bible that will be used each week in class.

Godly Search – 7th Grade & up – Located in the first classroom on the right in the Sunday School Wing, led by Jeff Merkel and volunteers, the group will focus on ways to live out our faith in our families, schools and community.  We’ll start with the book “E is for Ethics: How Kids talk about Morals, Values, and What Matters Most.”  We’ll include forays into the life and stories of Jesus and the early church, and the challenges his first disciples faced following Jesus.  Depending on who comes, and what experiences and resources they bring, we will shape upcoming topics and directions.  

More Education Opportunities available Fall 2019:

Adult Forum – this is a group of adults that meets in the sanctuary for a variety of learning experiences between Sunday services (9:15am) while the children are in Sunday School.

Confirmation – This is a two year class for 7th and 8th grade students that meets on Wednesday evenings. The theology is to empower youth to explore their faith and ask the questions they actually wonder about the Bible, creed, disciples, Jesus, other beliefs, and hot topics.