Outdoor Shenanigans

This was a wonderful Church Camp Retreat held August 9 – 11, 2019 at Bingle Camp on Harding Lake.

Outdoor Shenanigans!

A few photos of the Shenanigans that occured!

Read about the vision:

Outdoor Shenanigans—One of the great things about living in Alaska in the summer time is, well, living in a place where we like to get outside and enjoy what God has created for us.  We don’t sit inside all that well during this season of sunshine.  We want to be outside, feeling the warm air, smelling the flowers, enjoying God’s great creation, hiking a trail or two, simply reading a good book, being out on the water or maybe playing a game with our closest friends.  That is starting to sound a lot like the makings of a great church retreat.  What do you think?

Often Jesus would head away from the crowds of the cities and villages to take his disciples away to pray, learn, reflect and be together.  He would retreat from the world where he would have a chance to discern what God was up to in our world and through his ministry.  As a church it is wise for us to retreat from the world from time to time.  Outdoor Shenanigans is a congregational retreat for CLC, to reflect on our lives, to strengthen our bonds with others who are part of the church community and grow closer in our walk with Jesus Christ.

This August 9-11 Outdoor Shenanigans will be taking place at Bingle camp on Harding Lake.  This location was chosen because of the desire to be on a lake and is also in response to the irony that it always seems to rain during CLC congregational camping trips.  At Bingle Camp when the rain does come, we have places to gather sheltered from the storm.  At present we are working through the details of our accommodations so please be patient.  What can be said is at a minimum we will have the retreat center with dormitory style bedding.  There are also going to be cabins available for families or groupings of people who are willing to share space and a very limited few spaces for those who desire to bring their own rigs (traditional camping sites are available across the lake at Harding Lake State Recreation Area about 20 minutes’ drive away).  Please be patient as we figure out housing details.  But sign up so we can have an idea of what to plan for.

Having the retreat at Bingle camp we will also have space for shared meals, where we work together to prepare them and sit down at the table with each other.  We will be asking for help in supplying food and kitchen help for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Saturday and Brunch on Sunday, Friday dinner will be on your own.

Our time together will be semi-structured with opportunities for devotions, a scavenger hunt, fireside fellowship, capture the flag and Sunday Worship.  Outside of those activities bring your books, water toys for the lake, a chair for the beach or a pillow and take the space you need to refresh yourself.

The cost for this experience will be minimal at $50/person or $100 per household plus food for our common meals.  If anyone needs financial and or transportation assistance let pastor know and arrangements will be made.

Talk with Karen Milne if you are interested in helping in the kitchen or Alyssa Keil if you are interested in helping with activities.

The hope is for us to grow closer to each other and to God during this time together. Join us for as much or as little of this time together as you are able to give.  I look forward to seeing you out at Harding lake at the end of the summer.

God’s Peace,  Pastor Dustin Lenz