CLC COVID-19 Mitigation

Updated Mitigation Plan in place

Daily many of us wake up and look at the weather to determine what outerwear to put on as we head out for the day, sunny and warm nothing, rain in the forecast a raincoat, cold we reach for our parka.  Much like the way we look at weather on a daily or seasonal basis to determine which piece of outerwear to don, we need to start to look at COVID in much the same light, daily changes in community transmission that impact the precautions we should take that day.

The Christ Lutheran Church Council voted to approve a new COVID Mitigation plan at our council meeting on August 9.  The new plan no longer relies upon the council to make the decisions each month, instead it follows the CDC Level of Community Transmission on a daily basis.  For planning purposes the weekend’s level will be determined by the level stated at 2pm on the preceding Thursday as the level of precaution we will take for Sunday Worship.  (You can find the current level of community transmission at this link and using the drop down menus to find Alaska and Fairbanks North Star Borough.)  This plan pertains to all activities within the building and not activities outdoors.

In reviewing the plan you will see that the four levels of transmission are High, Substantial, Moderate and Low, one we at CLC added and hope to get to at some point is none—we are Christians and have hope for something new and exciting.  These levels correspond to the four levels the CDC currently uses.  As things are getting better, we move to the low and have a little less precaution and as we move to the higher transmission categories we move to more precaution in order to keep our community safe.

Thank you for the work you continue to do during this confusing and stressful time in the life of our world.  I like many of you wish we did not have to deal with COVID; it is not fun.  However, we are resilient and have made some creative changes for the short term, and changes that will be with us for a long time to come so we can reach out to further the kingdom of God.

God’s Peace,

Pastor Dustin


CLC-COVID Mitigation Plan